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How to update the global variable (response) by calling that function(talk) within the same class. Seeing that you have unneeded trailing semicolons in each line I can safely assume that you're new to Python. Well, there is this class attribute (response) which I need to update in the function in the way shown above. BTW, I have been coding in Java and yes I'm new to Python but I like the use of semicolons. The file is available for todays date but the filewatcher job is running long time and keep running with Status RU.After we looked at log, the file watcher job is looking for filename_20170321Please note that we are using SQL databases and that the global variable TEMP belongs to a table consisting of all the global variables within the Auto Sys. Alright then, I figured out that I didn't need to use JIL to update the Auto Sys global variables.I got it going by issuing the sendevent commands via the command prompt (comspec).Hello all, I am very new at both Auto Sys and VBScript.

If someone has encountered please let me know the resolution for this issue. I'm afraid very few of our members are using that Workload Automation tool from CA Tehnologies in their data center. But it looks like you should restart the file watcher job when you change the global variable.

So how can i keep the list returned from update() static as the global list until it is updated again? Normal declaration of the variable will make it local. Just write the list to a file and access it read it from there later.

EDIT: Let me try to clarify: I run this on a monday: yes, but this will update list for the time the script is running. WHen i run it the next day, i want it to be the same list that the update returned the previous day. If you don't want to self run the code you can use cron-job to do it for you.

In my process, I need to load process date into variable at first session from file load, which is in first session, and ran following 10 sessions only for that process date data. Declaring Variable in Parameter file is the Global variable?

Can I implement that using informatica global variable? Or is there any other place I can declare Global Variable.

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