Silver sparks speed dating

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With the instructions provided and with the words “go”, the speed daters began their 6 minute intervals of talk time with their table partners. Both the men and women were undeniably engaged and interested in their “dates.” There was a din of conversation punctuated by periodic laughter as chemistry sparked.With each “ting” of the glass, the men moved from one table to the next, while the women stayed in their assigned place.But now, older and wiser, they're discovering that it's not so great to be the wild child, and are struggling to earn a new place for themselves in town.When Maggie Larkin resists the come-ons of a sleazy actor in town to shoot a film, she pisses off more than a pretty boy and his manager.

Contact information was forwarded to only those that struck a mutual match.

) to a bit more Humorous ( Im here to sweep you off your feet - got a dustpan? Searches are automatically saved and will only change when you revise your preferences.

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How it works: Each participant spends six minutes conversing with a partner.

If you happen to like one another, you are asked to check each other off on match cards. This event is designed to connect mature adults between the ages of 55-70 in the Greater Toronto area.

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