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Newley and Bricusse were in the midst of preparing a new stage vehicle for Newley, The Good Old Bad Old Days, and five songs intended for the show, which eventually opened in London that December, were premiered on the LP. Taken together, the collection was an ambitious, introspective album that actually constituted Newley's response to the confessional singer/songwriter style then popular in the work of people like James Taylor and Joni Mitchell.

Newley, of course, was much older than such performers, turning 41 years old in 1972.

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The Anthony Newley collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, professional material, printed materials, audio recordings, film and video, personal memorabilia, and other items.

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Pure Imagination, Anthony Newley's first album for MGM Records, released in 1971, was something of an addendum to his and songwriting partner Leslie Bricusse's score for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, presenting Newley's versions of some of the songs from the film, as well as re-recordings of some of his old hits from the '60s.

Ain't It Funny, issued a year later on MGM subsidiary Verve Records, was something else again.

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Like her mother, Joan Collins, she has shown a penchant for a younger man.

But, sadly, Tara Newley’s relationship with a roofer 13 years her junior has ended after two-and-a-half years.

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