Intimidating boss help

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Many people feel that an abusive boss has control of their personal life outside of work by lowering their self-esteem and making them live in constant fear.The role of a supervisor sometimes attracts certain controlling-type personalities because they crave the power it gives them and because they lack such control in their own personal lives.Workplace intimidation, also known as workplace bullying, occurs when a superior, peer or subordinate uses violence or blackmail to manipulate you or intentionally creates feelings of fear, inadequacy or awe.Workplace intimidation includes illegal sexual harassment and discrimination, but is not limited to illegal behavior.This boss has a high turnover rate as he fires employees to keep up the fear factor, and good employees leave him, refusing to work for such an ogre. Eventually, he will burn out every employee he has, and an organization’s bottom line cannot sustain the costs involved. Also known as the Machiavellian boss, this type is extremely intelligent and one of the most dangerous. People he touches or runs over on the way to the top are casualties he writes off. Besides, sooner than later, executives will see your boss for the dunce that he is, and he’ll be shipped off somewhere.The manipulator boss is highly focused, very motivated, and always has a secret plan. Now of course, following this advice makes you somewhat of a manipulator, but if you can’t get out from under him, why not help you both climb up?Workplace intimidation always decreases productivity by lowering morale and increasing internal frictions within the company.

He always has a threat, and he constantly follows through with that threat in order to keep his employees acquiescent. When bumblers are promoted, they are notorious for promoting the people underneath them.The martyr boss has done, does, and always will do anything for the good of the company. The screamer boss seems to think that he will get his way if he raises his voice to an unconscionable level: the higher the volume, the higher the commitment. Some clueless hiring managers equate screaming with managerial skill.He has worked Christmas Day, with pneumonia, in a snowstorm. All in all, screamers just want to know that they’re being heard, and they want recognition.He walked to and from work for 5 weeks after his car accident, with both legs broken. If you can get along with your screamer boss, and gain his respect and trust, perhaps you can help guide him to lower tones. He’ll probably be there way past retirement, so it’s best to learn how to deal with him early on.

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