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Mike is relieved because the advance check will almost get him and Molly out of debt, but Molly ruins that when she buys a new car instead.

Molly has writer's block, and she might lose her big advance if she doesn't cure it fast.

The earliest written histories date back to about 6,000 years ago, when the Andals first introduced writing to Westeros.

The First Men had no writing system more advanced than runes for marking graves, thus all history before 6,000 years ago relies on oral tradition.

If you plan to visit Ukraine or are already in the country, don’t miss the most important and unique experience and site.

The event, which got name "the Chernobyl Disaster”, has changed the trajectory of our civilization development; it is the most evident contribution of Ukraine into the global history.

Mike is regularly kept company by his best friend and partner in the police force, Carl Mc Millan (Reno Wilson).

Other prominent characters in the series include Mike's mother Peggy (Rondi Reed), cafe worker/owner Samuel (Nyambi Nyambi), Carl's grandmother Rosetta (Cleo King), and Mike and Molly's friend and co-Overeaters Anonymous member Harry (David Anthony Higgins).

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As with real-life medieval cultures, the people who inhabit the known world in which the continents of Westeros, Essos, and Sothoryos are located do not possess objective knowledge about how their world was created. Many different cultures have their own theories about how the world began and how the human race came to be, usually tied to which religion they practice.

Its place – the Chernobyl Zone, with the nuclear power plant (NPP), which doesn’t produce energy anymore but instead paradoxically consumes it, and an abandoned ghost town of Pripyat, – like a time machine, let you see the events past and realize how both history and nature works.

The intricate ensemble of hundreds of impressive technical and cultural monuments is surrounded and engulfed by flourishing nature, which has gone wild in this area.

Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium, in which characters actually did meet their gods or angelic beings and knew the full history of their world.

Different religions offer drastically different theories on how the world was created.

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